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We are a student chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery, an international organization based in New York that advocates for the advancement of computer science as a science and profession. Based in California State University, Fullerton, we strive to bring passionate Titans together into a community that promotes innovation, collaboration, creativity, and inclusivity within tech.

Board members

Fall 2022
Fall 2022
Spring 2022
Fall 2021
Spring 2021
Image of Karnikaa Velumani.

Karnikaa Velumani


Image of Ethan Davidson.

Ethan Davidson

Vice President/Webmaster

Image of Jacob Nguyen.

Jacob Nguyen


Image of Stephanie Pocci.

Stephanie Pocci

Event Coordinator

Image of Jason Wong.

Jason Wong


Image of Justin Stitt.

Justin Stitt

AI Team Lead

Image of Yao Lin.

Yao Lin

AI Officer

Image of Sara Sadek.

Sara Sadek

AI Officer

Image of Arish Imam.

Arish Imam

AI Officer

Image of Armanul Ambia.

Armanul Ambia

Algo Team Lead

Image of Sami Bajwa.

Sami Bajwa

Algo Officer

Image of Joel Anil John.

Joel Anil John

Algo Officer

Image of Alan Cortez.

Alan Cortez

Design Team Lead

Image of Jorge Mejia.

Jorge Mejia

Design Officer

Image of Alejandro Ramos.

Alejandro Ramos

Design Officer

Image of Kirsten Ochoa.

Kirsten Ochoa

Design Officer

Image of Charlie Taylor.

Charlie Taylor

Dev Team Lead

Image of Angel Santoyo.

Angel Santoyo

Dev Officer

Image of Daniel Truong.

Daniel Truong

Dev Project Manager

Image of Wesley Chou.

Wesley Chou

Marketing Co-Lead

Image of Nurhaliza Hassan.

Nurhaliza Hassan

Marketing Co-Lead

Image of Aaron Lieberman.

Aaron Lieberman

Special Events Team Lead

Image of Diamond Dinh.

Diamond Dinh

Special Events Officer