Participating in the ICPC 2022 SoCal Regionals

by @EthanThatOneKid

March 4, 2022 • 2 min read

5 students made CSUF history on Saturday, February 26th at the ICPC 2022 SoCal regionals:

ICPC 2022 CSUF athlete portraits (right to left, top to bottom): Aaron Lieberman, Justin Stitt, Yao Lin, Ethan Davidson, and Charlie Taylor

The event was held at Riverside City College. Check-in began in the morning, then breakfast was served at the event once we got in.

There was a practice session after breakfast to make sure the competition would go smoothly on the technical side and to make sure all the competitors were aware of the given development environment’s capabilities.

After the practice session, we had free lunch out of a Habit food truck. We then began the competition after the lunch break ended.

Once the time for the competition had run out, all the competitors left their battle stations that they had been hunched over for the last 5 hours. We then went back to the place where we originally ate breakfast. At that point, the results of the competition were not finalized; the results of the last fifteen minutes of code submissions were unknown so that we could experience a suspenseful ending ceremony.

In the end, a team from Caltech narrowly earned the highest score with the UCLA team coming in a close second. As for us, our 2022 teams scored the highest combined total score in CSUF x ICPC history 😆

If you are interested in learning valuable competitive programming skills, you can come to acmAlgo meetings throughout the semester where our acmAlgo officers will guide you down the mind-blowing rabbit-hole of programming. To learn more, register as a CSUF student on our Discord server to chat with our community members.

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