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Our teams specialize in specific fields in the tech industry. We've designed the teams to be gateways for students to explore new fields, develop new interests, and learn new skills that will benefit them in the industry.

Fall 2023
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General Team

The ACM general team is a dynamic group of individuals driving the success of our organization. ACM General manages operations, organizes events, and ensure the smooth functioning of ACM. They are the backbone of our community, fostering collaboration and innovation among members.

Marketing Team Logo

Marketing Team

The marketing team has a strong passion towards advertising and spreading word on all our ACM events. Marketing utilizes their expertise in digital strategies and creative storytelling to display a welcoming environment to all students.

Algo Team Logo

Algo Team

The algorithm team is dedicated to building programming fundamentals within students. Algo focuses on mastering data structures and algorithms, enhancing problem solving abilities, and exploration of competitive programming.

Design Team Logo

Design Team

The design team is dedicated to emphasizing the importance of product design and product management in the tech industry. Design focuses on educating students about design principles, design tools, and the intricacies of conceptualization, development, and management of a product.

Dev Team Logo

Dev Team

The development team is dedicated to giving students the opportunity to explore tech via hands-on projects and activities. Dev focuses on introducing students to software development, and the various tech stacks used in the industry.

AI Team Logo

AI Team

The artificial intelligence team is dedicated to providing accessible information about artificial intelligence and machine learning to all. AI focuses on fun projects geared towards beginners in the field.

Game Dev Team Logo

Game Dev Team

The game development team is dedicated to teaching the basics of programming in the gaming industry. Gamedev focuses on educating students about design principles, design tools, and the development process of a project.

ICPC Team Logo


The Intercollegiate Competitive Programming Competition is a contest to challenge students on their algorithms and problem solving skills. The ICPC Team is dedicated to preparing students for the competition by hosting weekly practice sessions and mock contests.

    Open Source Software Team Logo

    Open Source Software Team

    The open source software team is committed to fostering collaboration and innovation in the tech community. OSS actively contributes to ACM open source projects, sharing their expertise and driving advancements in software development.