4.0: Summer-Winter 2022 changes

by Ethan Davidson

January 23, 2023 • 20 min read v4.0

This release marks the completion of the ACM CSUF website v4.0 milestone 💫

Summer/Winter '22 semester sprint

Thank you to everyone who contributed to in the Fall/Winter 2022 semester sprint!

  • Webmaster: @EthanThatOneKid
  • Roadmap:
  • Reflection: We learned how to communicate with each other using the tools of professional software developers by participating in the code review cycle on GitHub, encouraging the sharing of diverse ideas, and asking questions at in-person meetings or on Discord.


During the Fall 2022 school semester, the team accomplished another great number of feats. This semester we gained even more contributors culminating in a total of 34 total contributors at the time of this release. Each contributor took steps into the field of website development and through this experience, they can take this knowledge to expand their programming skills further.

New to hub

If you are interested in following along with us and becoming an v4.0 contributor, just watch out for any announcements on our blog ( or the acmCSUF Discord server.

Easter egg

As part of this release, we are introducing an easter egg that allows contributors to see exactly how they contributed to throughout the history of releases.

For example, take a look at


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What's Changed

Full Changelog: v3.0...v4.0
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